What We Do

This is not your average chiropractor's office. Good health is aligning the spine, and Dr. Rinehart expertly applies chiropractic techniques to get you out of pain and back to your life as quickly as possible. 

However, Dr. Rinehart believes that great health is aligning the mind, body, and spirit. That is why we also offer our patients the most beneficial, holistic treatment methods to bring the entire body into balance. 

Whether you are looking for quick treatment for your acute neck and back pain, or are seeking more involved health and wellness care, Dr. Rinehart provides his patients not only with the individual care they deserve, but with the individual care they actually want.


Are you in pain and/or unable to enjoy the activities you enjoy doing?

While Dr. Rinehart provides quick and convenient chiropractic care for your neck and back pain, he has developed his own twist of chiropractic and applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to accurately assess and treat the root cause(s) of your pinched nerves, headaches, injuries, and their associated disorders. While Dr. Rinehart has mastered traditional chiropractic techniques over the past 36 years, and utilizes them daily, he understands that patients may be wary. For those that prefer a gentle adjustment without the "popping/cracking" sounds, but with the same results as the old-fashioned methods, he provides an additional instrument: the Arthrostim. It is a highly popular, gentle option utilized by Dr. Rinehart. His adjustments are tailored to the preference of the patient, with any method being equally safe and comfortable.


Energy Medicine

Have you ever wondered why you never get well, or stay well, no matter what you do?

Using ancient acupuncture and reflex points, Dr. Rinehart muscle tests your body's own electrical points to determine the underlying cause of your imbalances. By testing the body's stressors (toxins, allergies, immune system, traumas, emotional and mental stress, and even scars), the system enables us to understand the underlying factor(s) preventing your body from being in balance. By following the specific reflex patterns your body sequentially reveals, Dr. Rinehart will determine what structures need to be adjusted, what your chemistry and nutritional needs are, what supplements you need or don't need, where the energy blocks are, and what emotion(s) need to be released. Instead of us telling you what your body needs, the body essentially tells us. Your body knows how to heal if the interferences are removed.


Are you stressed out?

This is an amazing way to have your internal (subconscious) stress detected and relieved. The Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system (SCIO) is a sophisticated and profound energetic medicine system that operates on the laws of quantum physics. We now have access to the power of energetic healing, combined with ancient wisdom and modern technology. Biofeedback and electro-dermal screening has been scientifically proven to help detect and reduce stress that may be related to illness, injury, or emotional trauma. It can result in an overall improved sense of wellbeing and relaxation, greater mental clarity, pain reduction, and improved physical performance- to name a few. It is the most advanced system of analysis and therapy in energetic medicine today and promises to play a significant role in the future by increasing health through stress and pain management.


Would you like a quick and efficient way to scan and evaluate your body?

Using your body's galvanic skin response (GSR) to measure the fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin, the ZYTO scan is a bio communication scan that shows the biomarkers that are out of range within your body, helping us to identify your personal wellness needs and get your body's biomarkers back into balance. For most of our patients, the Zyto scan is preferred over the routine, potentially harmful X-rays and the more complex and expensive MRIs, CT scans, and laboratory tests, because it is accurate, safe, comprehensive and affordable. It will show us where your spine is out of balance, what acupuncture and dental vectors are stressed, and what major organ and emotional imbalances are present. It will reveal what can be done nutritionally and clinically to bring you back in balance. All comfortably preformed in just 8 minutes.


Are you ready to look fantastic, naturally?

Then say HELLO to Cryoskin 4.0: a non-invasive fat loss and skin toning technology. If you work hard to make the best of yourself and your body, then this is for you. Depending upon what you want to achieve, Cryoskin 4.0 can be used in 3 modes:          1)  Slimming: It can slim your stomach, legs, back, arms, chin, and butt. Most people lose at least an inch in these areas after just their first session. 

2) Tone: Toning is effective for drastically reducing the appearance of cellulite and shaping those tough areas that diet and exercise just can't reach.     

3) Face: CryoFacials can help to improve your complexion, reduce pore size, and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It can even visibly reduce what is commonly referred to as a "double chin."               

Cryoskin 4.0 is not poisons, lasers, scalpels, another cream, scrub, or injection. It's a proven biological process, backed by science. 

Foot Detox

What toxins would you like to remove from your body, today?

What is happening as the water  changes colors is that the subject in the water is increasing their red blood cell's ability to carry materials around the body by adding electrons. The red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs, nutrients from the gut, and electricity from the heart to all the cells in your body then picks up the waste to be eliminated through your breath, skin, colon and bladder. If they are not eliminated they are stored in and make more fat cells, they get stored in your joints causing arthritis and in your organs to promote dis-ease.  It is a highly beneficial treatment to use in conjunction with your Cryoskin 4.0 treatments.  Detoxing is one of the fundamental pillars of health and it's recommended that you have weekly sessions if you are not functioning at your potential or have a monthly session if you want to keep your energy, performance and health at optimal levels.


How do you know which supplements to take? How many? And for how long?

Through the BioScan, clinical kinesiology, and muscle testing, we identify exactly what your individual nutritional needs are: what supplements will bring your body into optimal balance. Quality ingredients, precise dosage, and duration needed are critical if you want to bake a cake and these factors are also vital to have your body turn out just right and efficiently get your body back into balance. There's so much more to the body than what the average blood test provides, what the television and internet are trying to sell you, and what the latest trends of the week are.

Pain Relief

Pain is usually what brings you in, but great results are what have made us your favorite Stuart Chiropractor for the past 36 years- based solely on word-of-mouth. Getting you out of pain is our business; if we couldn't do that, you wouldn't come back. You also wouldn't entrust us with helping your family and friends, too. We understand that what most patients want is to get in, get adjusted, and get out with a short-term treatment plan. We understand that you want to get out of pain and return to your activities as soon as possible, and for the least amount of time and money possible. Most of the time this can be done by adjusting your spine and body in order to bring it back into balance. We practice by the principle: "Cause Removed, Pain Gone, Return When Needed."

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Rinehart has been the person who has helped me regain my life after 20 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Cranial Dystonia. I am able to enjoy things I never dreamed I would do again.

- Sandy C.

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